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stone stairs

Stone stairs traditionally accompany stone floors.

The steps of stone stairs intended for indoor are usually clad with stone slabs, and the straight or winding staircase has a concrete frame. Massive stone structures are also used. They are either self-supporting or reinforced structures.Our product includes:Stone Staircase,Spiral Stairs,stair treads,Marble Stair,granite stair,stone steps.

Stair structures with flag stone cladding follow the general principles of floor construction. Normally, flag stones of regular thickness are used for steps. However, the dimensionally accurate stone tiles contribute to the thinner stone cladding in modern stairs. A step comprises a rising slab and a step slab. The surface of the step is seamless, and it receives a ground or polished finish. The edges are bevelled. The stair construction is equipped with railings which are attached to the steps or to the wall. Often some form of slipping prevention is attached onto the steps.