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slate slabs

A slab is a thick, broad piece of slate stone, which there is a wide variation in the composition and colors of the slate stones. Slabs made from slate stone are available in a vast variety of colors like gray, blue, brown and green.

Our slate slabs are particular resistant and strong, as a consequence it results suitable for vehicles for extraventricular applications. slate slabs are antifreeze material, which is resistant to very cold temperature, and indelible that it doesn?t fade for the stone doesn?t contains calcite. Besides, it turns out to be an antisleeve material also when the slab is wet, thanks to its natural cleft surface which is rough. This characteristic is particularly important when slates are used outside.

A slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock that splits into thin,smooth-surfaced layers,forming an essential building material used at a large scale in the construction of buildings.Slate tiles and slate stones are suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications such as wall-cladding,roofing,flooring etc.Slate Stones are known by many names such as grey slates, flags,flagstones,thick stones, slats,flat stones,stone tiles and tile stones.Manufacturers and exporters of slate stones,sandstones,cobble stone,lime stones and quartzite stones available in tiles and slabs.