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slate slabs

Slate slab is a very attractive and elegant natural stone. It adds a touch of style and grace to the decor. Good quality slate is non-slip, non-staining and very durable. Slate slab is also non-porous and does not allow any absorption of water or dirt. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. The various colors and textures that we offer include Kund Black, Raj Garh Multi, Mahu Multi, Kund Multi, R. G. Multi, Deoli Brown, Deoli Golden, Himachal Black, Simla White, Copper, M. P. White, and Akbarpur Red. Slate slabs can be cut to various and random sizes, and finished by Bush Hammered, Chiseled, Flamed, Polished, Sandblasted, and Sawn. The slate slabs are widely used as pavers, sills, steps, large format floor tiles, wall Cladding, Counter Tops, kitchen worktops, Flooring, fireplaces, Table Tops and more.As a China Slate Slab Supplier,our products includes slate tiles,Natural Stone Slabs,slate stone tile,Slate Roofing Tile and So on.

Slate is a fine natural stone with traces of metal and earth.A more rustic stone,slate is highly durable and available in many colors,offering a beautiful way to protect your home from the elements.If you desire a casual country look on a smaller budget,slate is the flooring tile of many.Copper slate,Autumn,Black slate,Green slate,and Multicolor from Yuxiang are the most popular choices.